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Please note – Sparring and competitive training classes require 6 months minimum experience or instructor permission.

Muay Thai kickboxing and Boxing Classes

Come learn from the best and get in shape. From beginners to competitive fighters, these classes give you what you’re looking for. They definitely will push you to your limits. The class consists of warm ups, partner drills, pad and mitt training, bag work, and calisthenics. This class is 60 minutes long and is for all skill levels.

Youth Muay Thai classes are for boys and girls age 8-14 years old. The classes take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 3:30p.m. until 4:30p.m.

Gi Jiu-Jitsu
This class is appropriate for all levels. Classes start with conditioning, technique, drilling and end with sparring or “rolling” in the gi. Friday night “open mat” classes are a more laid back, technique review class with Alex’s supervision. Friday night class ends at 8:30pm but you are free to stay and train until 9pm. Practice what you learned that week!

Level 1 Gi & No Gi Jiu-Jitsu
The Level 1 jiu-jitsu class provides an introduction to the fundamentals and movements central to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This class is great for beginners who are interested in learning more about jiu-jitsu and its basic principles. Classes start with warm up and stretching, then proceed to drilling moves to build muscle memory and conditioning.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes (M.M.A.)
Our mixed martial arts class combines Muay Thai, boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling. This style is also recognized as “ultimate fighting”. You don’t need to be a fighter to participate in this class but be ready for an intense workout. This class is 60 or 90 minutes long and is for all skill levels.

Advanced & Sparring Classes
Whether you are boxing or kickboxing, this class will help you get to the next level. Our skilled instructors closely supervise this hour-long session. It is recommended that you have trained for at least six months and get prior approval from an instructor before attending this class. Protective gear is mandatory.

Competitive Training
This two-hour, intense training session is for amateur and professional fighters only. You must have prior approval to attend this class and must be willing to fight. The training consists of one-on-one pad training with Bunkerd or Neungsiam, bag work, and a lot of sparring. You must attend this class at least 3 days/per week. NO DROP INS!!

Conditioning Classes
This class emphasizes training refined and cutting-edge strength and conditioning techniques designed to improve speed, endurance, balance, injury prevention and training efficiency in participants. Headed by our On-staff Strength and Conditioning Coach, Tim Chau, our Conditioning Classes are tailored towards individual participants athletic needs and goals both inside/outside the class.

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