Chris Cariaso
Co-owner, Trainer, and Fighter

  • Currently fighting for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
  • Veteran of WEC, Strikeforce, Elite XC
  • Professional MMA record of 13-3
  • Trains under World Champion, Neungsiam Samphusri
  • Jiu jitsu Brown Belt under Crispim BJJ (Alexander De Almeida)
  • Owner of Fight and Fitness Gym in SF Bay Area
  • 2005 San Francisco Golden Gloves Champion
  • National Muay Thai Promotion, U.S.A. Champion
  • IKF U.S.A. San Shou Champion
  • ISKA California Super-Lightweight Muay Thai Champion
  • ISCF MMA World Bantamweight Champion
  • WCSC MMA World Featherweight Champion

Chris has been training since age 12 and has been teaching since age 16.  Chris is skilled in teaching all ages and all levels of experience.  This is the second gym that Chris has opened and brings to Tucson all that he has learned in owning his San Francisco gym for the past 8 years.  Chris is the father of two boys—CJ (age 4) and Kage (age 1.)

Samart “Neungsiam” “The Rock” Samphusri
Muay Thai Trainer and Fighter

Neungsiam “the Rock” Samphusri has fought professionally since age 12, and is renowned for his combination of exceptional technique, concentration and physical toughness. He has served as trainer at two of Thailand’s top pro camps and now shares his mastery with FnF students of all levels. Neungsiam is respected for his uncompromising attention to detail and killer workouts emphasizing mental focus, precise movement and proven strategy. He will help you build superior combat skills & conditioning on a solid foundation of fast and powerful Muaythai.Achievements• Currently trains the FnF amateur muay thai team as well as numerous pro MMA fighters including: UFC fighters, Chris Cariaso and Jake Shields; Strikeforce veteran, Luke Stewart; and Wargods Acquisition, Joey Armstrong.

• Pro Record to 25-7-4
• Lumpinee Stadium Flyweight Champion 1998
• Mitsubshi 8-Man Tournament Champion 1999
• Current IMTO World ChampionQualifications
• 1985 Began professional fighting career in Thailand
• 2002 Trainer for Fairtex Camp in Bangplee, Thailand
• 2005 Trainer for Ingram Gym in Bangkok, Thailand

Neungsiam currently teaches muay thai classes and is available for private instruction.

Bunkerd Faphimai
Co-owner, Trainer, and Fighter

Bunkerd has an unbelievable ability to adjust his training to suit each individual student. He is very well liked and his retention with students is very high. Bunkerd has over 350 professional Muay Thai fights. This kind of experience creates an eye for detail with teaching his students.His level of experience, both in the ring and out, along with his very strong work ethic, clearly sets him apart from many other trainers.

• National Lifetime Achievement Award 2001 (Siam Award)
• 3 Time Siam Award Winner 1996-1998
• Siam Fighter of the Year 1998
• ISKA Lightweight World Champion 1998
• Lumpinee Stadium Champion 1986
• Rajadmnern Stadium Champion 1983Qualifications
• 1976 Began Professional Fighting Career in Bangkok, Thailand.
• 1993 Head Trainer for Fairtex Camp in Chandler, Arizona.
• 1996 Head Trainer for Fairtex Camp in Indiana.
• 1997 Head Trainer for Fairtex Camp in Chandler, Arizona.
• 1998 Head Trainer for Fairtex Camp in San Francisco
• 2003 Head Trainer for Fairtex Camp in San Francisco

Bunkerd currently teaches muay thai classes and is available for private instruction.

Paris Alexander
Boxing Trainer

• 1982-started boxing
• 1984-participated in Olympic trials
• 1985, 1986—S.F. Golden Glove Champion
• 1986-turned pro
• 1986-1996-fought 7 world champions on 4 different continents
(Including Jorge Paez, Carlos Hernandez, Oscar De La Hoya)
• 1996-California State Champion & United States Lightweight Champion
(First man to hold both titles at the same time)
• Never knocked out!
• 30-5 amateur record; 25-16-4 pro record with 7 KOs
• Teaching boxing since 1984 (20 years teaching experience)
Paris currently teaches boxing classes and is available for private instruction.

Renan Silva

Renan Silva
Jiu Jitsu Trainer

• Born: Rio de Janeiro
• Age: 35
• Years of training: 18 years
• Black belt since 2009
• School: Ralph Gracie
• Accomplishments:
  – São Paulo state champion
  – USA national champion
  – Panamerican silver medal
  – US Open 3X champion
  – American Cup champion

Anthony Doroliat

Anthony Doroliat, C.P.T.
Strength and Conditioning Coach

• National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
• The two words “Form” and “Function” have molded the last five years of what he brings to his clients and students.
• Big emphasis on functional strength
• Well-versed in power movements, hypertrophy, and plyometrics/ explosive mechanics
• Each session/ class is focused on individual form and corrections of any deviations that may hinder the proper movement of the body.

Dave Engel

Dave Engel
Youth Muay Thai Trainer

• Born: Philadelphia, PA
• Age: 23
• Years of training: 11 years
• Past Trainers:
  – Chai Sirisute
  – Milton Davis
  – Joe Chernay
• Current Trainers:
  – Bunkerd
  – Neungsiam
• Accomplishments:
  – Youngest apprentice instructor of the Thai Boxing Association of America under Ajarn Chai Sirisute (2009)
  – 5+ years teaching experience at multiple East Coast Muay Thai academies
  – 2 years teaching experience at Fight and Fitness, San Francisco
  – Active amateur Muay Thai fighter (record 3:1)

Additional Trainers

Gabby Aguinaldo, Women’s Muay Thai

Derek Leung, Muay Thai

Gem Mil, Muay Thai

Jacob Aringo, Muay Thai and Boxing

Kyle Von Tellrop, Level 1 Jiu-Jitsu

Anthony Doroliat, Conditioning

Joe Chernay, Muay Thai

Our Facility
Our bright and open space located on 123 South Van Ness in San Francisco is a great training environment for a variety of disciplines. We have a ring for sparring and practice and a large open matted area for boxing, kickboxing, and rolling. We also have a variety of bags and and pads to help you with your training. And, of course, mens and women’s restrooms and changing areas.


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