Bunkerd Faphimai grew up in a small country town in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. His family made their living as rice farmers. When Bunkerd was just eleven years old, he was forced to quit school and get a job. At the same time, he started competing in small muay thai fights in the country for extra money. His first fight brought in the equivalent of one American dollar. Bunkerd dreamed of becoming a great muay thai fighter, which would bring his family much money and fame. Because he was shorter than the average fighter of his weight class, not too many people believed this dream was possible. But Bunkerd never gave up. At the age of 18, Bunkerd made off to Bangkok to try his luck in joining up with a muay thai training camp. Phillip Wong, of Fairtex, Thailand was the one who gave him his first break. Bunkerd proved all his doubters wrong and became a great champion – winning two of the most prestigious championships—one at the famed Lumpinee stadium and another at Rajadmnerm Stadium. His dedication, strength, perseverance and success in the sport of muay thai brought him much recognition and fame. Eventually, in the year 1992, Bunkerd came to the United States to become one of the head trainers in the new Fairtex camp in Chandler, Arizona. Simultaneously, he became a well-known world champion in the U.S. Because of Bunkerd’s humble disposition and fierce fighting style—he became known as the “People’s Champion.